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Aug. 2, 2016

Wine and Chocolate Cake for Boulder Bridge House

Boulder Bridge House Event with Wine, Chocolate, and Healthy Paleo Friendly Dessert Class!

This is a limited seating, with donations collected in advance to secure your spot. ($25 minimum advance donation includes wine, chocolates, snacks and healthy chocolate cakes!)

We will start with a reception where we'll indulge with a glass of wine and assorted chocolates and snacks. Emily Messina will be joining us to educate and answer questions about the mission and opportunities that Bridge House provides our community.

Small groups will then join Wayne in the kitchen to learn how to make a MAGIC Paleo Chocolate Cake in just 65 SECONDS. This cake is gluten free, sugar free, low carb, high protein, easy to make, and most important YUMMY! Everyone that wants to can make their own cake to take home or to share with everyone. Various healthy frostings/toppings provided as well. 

Cake ingredients will include almond nut flour, 1 egg, vanilla extract, psyllium husk powder, baking soda, cream of tartar, cacao powder, butter or coconut oil, and love.

All proceeds will be donated to Bridge House. Check them out here .

To join the fun click here!

July 18, 2016

Bolder Social BBQ

Bolder Social & Realities For Children Fundraiser

July 23rd - Summer Fun and BBQ at North Boulder Park!

BBQ is ON at North Boulder Park this Saturday 5:30-8:30PM and good stuff is on the docket!!  We have rented the Pavilion area, so the festivities will be happening rain or shine (or both as CO weather goes.)

There are a few added bonuses to the event as well.  As there appears to be a grand turnout to the BBQ, we we are keeping all the fun while sponsoring an amazing local non-profit, Realities for Children.  Check them out, they are doing amazing things!!

Home Search Gurus is sponsoring the entire event.  A full plate of awesomeness from Bold BBQ and a keg of Oskar Blues Pinner will get things rolling.  There will also be prizes for a raffle, who doesn't love a raffle?!

$10 suggested donation for the BBQ and $5 suggested donation for a beer cup if you choose to partake ... 100% of ALL dollars collected go directly to Realities for Children.

So get ready for some fun, with cornhole, kickball, lollygagging, beer drinking and all while contributing to a fantastic cause ... beer, yummy food and feel good vibes, come get some!!

The BBQ originally began as a potluck, and you are still welcome to bring anything to share and enjoy  ... especially in the way of vegetarian options if that's your preference.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Please note: No glass containers of any kind are allowed according to City rules.

Click HERE for more info and to join us! Or just show up!

July 1, 2016

Who Pays for the Buyer's Agent?

Yes, that's right. Having your interests protected by a licensed Realtor buyer's agent costs the buyer NOTHING. But pick a good one, and get a better deal to boot! Gee, if we only knew someone that could help... :)

July 1, 2016

Boulder Pizza Shoot Out

What does 'best' even mean? It depends...

Ok, there is a LOT of disagreement in the ranks on this one. Our staff and friends get pretty animated (read throw things) if somebody disses their favorite pizza. Ok, not really throwing things, but let's just say it's a passionate topic.

So what we've discovered is that there different pizza places that meet different pizza needs. Yeah, we've spent more time on this than is probably healthy, but so it goes... 

We'll break it down into 'Nice Pizza Place' and 'Late Night Holy Cow I Need a Slice Right Now' pizza needs. And I do mean 'need'. :)

Late Night Craving a Slice

This one wasn't even close. At least not among our group. Hands down the go-to late night open 'til midnight fold it as it was meant to be and try not to inhale it so fast it makes you choke spot is <insert drum roll here> is Brooklyn Pizza! Click the pic to check 'em out if you're not familiar. 


For a Pizza 'Dining Experience' 

And by dining experience we mean maybe a nice glass of wine, or accompanied by a decent salad, in addition to pizza that's noteworthy. This one was the bare-knuckle knock-down drag-out red-faced you-can't-be-serious dare I say quite contentious choice. But at the end of the day, I'm writing the piece, so I reserved the right to break the tie.

Pizzeria Da Lupo

This a neighborhood pizza joint feel, and moderate wine selection. But the pies are great, the service is good, and fans are like european soccer mobs in their strong support. Nothing pretentious about this place, it knows what it's good at, and sticks to it. But alas, it's number two.

The winner and all time champion of this hard fought battle is <rockets exploding, fanfares, big kettle drums> ...

Pizzeria Locale

The imported from Italy and beautiful like a work of art pizza oven is the cornerstone of this excellent product. And of course the wine selection is grand, while having access to one of the best Bellini cocktails you'll ever taste puts them clearly in the number one slot. From the website - 

From the creators of Frasca Food and Wine. Pizzeria Locale is a contemporary pizzeria inspired by the traditional pizzerias of Naples, Italy.

Ok, so it wasn't a fair fight from the start really. Not my problem. It's FANTASTIC. So get there if you haven't already, and fall in love with pizza all over again. My personal fav is the Maiale, but there's not a bad choice in the list. And I should know. :)

Ok, You May Be Right

So let us know what your choices are! We'll give it try. Maybe we should schedule a night of 'Pizza Throwdown' and we'll go pizza hopping to compare. I'm in!!


June 15, 2016

Bacco - North Boulder Eats and More

Bacco in North Boulder - yum!

Ok, never mind the all night happy hour every Monday (if you can, I double dare ya) the food and wine on any night of the week is a local fav!

Check them out at: Bacco Trattoria and Mozzarella Bar


May 2, 2016

Reality vs Reality TV

It's all so tidy on TV...

April 18, 2016

Biggest Home Seller Mistakes

Biggest Home Seller Mistakes

Selling your home can be a pain, we get it. That's one reason why we want to get it done as quickly as possible, to relieve stress. But there is a lot that be done to help us. Pick up your underwear, empty the kitty litter, you know, those things that if your mom was home she would 'suggest' you look after.

March 15, 2016

Still Cellars - A Local Favorite!

We just LOVE this place!!

Still Cellars - A Distillery and Arthouse in downtown Longmont

From their website - 

The tasting room is open on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4pm to 8:30ish.  Check our calendar for arthouse events on other days, such as storytelling, concerts and movie Mondays, and plenty more.

Sadye and Jason are not only talented artisans of spirits and gatherers of amazing talent, they are also total LOVEBUGS; they regularly pull together some of the most fun and entertaining talent in the area. And the cocktails are to DIE for. So if you find yourself in Longmont during one of their scheduled openings just do it.

Feb. 17, 2016

Why Interest Rates Matter

Interest rates matter to both buyers and sellers, BIG TIME.

Buyers can afford less home as rates climb, and sellers have a diminishing pool of buyers to bid on their property. Bottom line: Interest rate hikes are impactful for both buyers AND sellers. Even in a hot market like we have locally in Colorado, higher rates help, uh... nobody.

So every time you hear about the Fed noodling a rate, listen up, and adjust your plans accordingly.

Jan. 11, 2016

8 Things NOT to do when buying a home

This may sound obvious, but the little things matter! The minute you lock into a loan it is CRITICAL that you do not change your credit status in any way.  This means, towing the proverbial credit line until that closing date of your real estate purchase ... I know, your favorite furniture store may have a great nothing down, no interest loan on that couch that would be SO PERFECT in your new living room.  Can you imagine that something so small could muck up your loan? ... Well, it could.  So the rule of thumb here is to do NOTHING without talking to your loan officer.  They are your partner in all things financial until closing.  You (and by proxy your Lender) are under a huge amount of scrutiny since the lending debacles of years gone by. So when in doubt, be smart and ask questions!  (That is what your professional real estate gurus are here for!!!)