Mission Statement 


Fairness - 

HomeSearch Gurus believes that a first test of any transaction is simple; Is it fair to all parties? As a guiding principal in all of our interactions with clients, brokers, and all participants, fairness is our compass.

Integrity - 

Integrity is the only thing in this life that cannot be taken away. One can lose all else, including life itself, but only integrity is completely within our control, and can only be lost if given away. We choose to keep it.

Transparency - 

We are committed to full transparency in every dealing. Only then can all parties be assured that they have the full picture and all information with which to make informed decisions.

Changing the Real Estate Business Model

Cloud Based Real Estate

Using the latest technologies we provide real-time information, service, and inclusion of all parties in every transaction. This means that communications are fast and that there need be no question regarding next steps, who needs to take action and by what date/time, bringing new levels of clarity and confidence to a business often not well understood by those we serve. With a project management styled approach, each participant can be confident that nothing is missed, and there will be no surprises. This allows our buyers and seller to relax, with full visibility of what is happening, and clear expectations.